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Re: Cleveland, the Cursed City

July 31, 2006

Just last week, when Bentley was putting on his Browns jersey to shoot a McDonald’s commercial that was scheduled to air this fall, he had to stop for a full minute and turn away from the crew because his eyes were tearing up at the thought of playing for Cleveland.”

As further evidence of the Cleveland curse I submit this to you:  We sign a local boy/ Ohio State product and probably the best center in the NFL in one LeCharles Bentley to a 6 year 36 million dollar contract (give or take a few million).  Easily our biggest free agent acquisition in years.  So of course what is the first thing that happens?  Training camp opens up and on the first play of the first practice with contact… BAM!! torn PCL, out for season.

Back to the drawing board…

How long until Lebron laces it up again?


Cleveland, the cursed city

May 24, 2006


I am still a witness.

I fully admit I have a man crush on LeBron James. I cannot begin to adequately convey the greatness that is King James, the words just simply aren't there.  He may end up being the greatest basketball player in perpetuity throughout the Universe.  The fact that he is only 21 and may get even better may cause reality to breakdown.  During the Cavs run through the NBA playoffs the TV listed his role as 'savior'.  Unless, you are from Cleveland you don't know how true this is.  Our city has been waiting for this man, for the Chosen One King James to rise up and take it to the promised land.  Ours is a sad story, full of tragedy and betrayal, and the hope that one day our sports messiah would arrive and save us.  This is our story…

Cleveland is not a bad place, well it was at one point.  Sure, it snows non-stop and we tend to forget that there is a daystar when the sky is continually overcast.  But the people are honest and hardworking and the downtown area has come along way with Tower City, playhouse square, new stadiums for the Browns, Indians, and Cavs, the Science Center, and the Rock Hall of Fame.  This is a city steeped in sports history, nestled in the cradle of the founding of the three major sports.  But now there is a sense of foreboding doom in the city, especially when it comes to sports.

Cleveland's last major sports championship was 1964, easily the longest such drought of any city with at least 3 of the major sports (and by major sport I mean football, baseball, basketball, and maybe hockey).  But it isn't like our teams have been bad, oh no, that might have been tolerable.  We could have ignored them and just not cared.  No, we have had our hearts broken by the unrelenting bitch that is 2nd place.  Countless times have we been built up, only to have our hearts impaled by a recockulous play or poor performance. 

 Twice the Indians have been to the world series in this time period.  The first they were fairly easily beaten by the Braves.  But the second time we let a new franchise, the Florida Marlins, beat us in 7 games.  A 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th with two outs…

But this was nothing new to us.  We'd been down this road before.  There are the names, the Drive, the Fumble, Red Right 88 described how the Browns snatched defeat from the jaws of victory so many times during the 80's.  Then in 1995 an evil vile man named Art Modell made secret plans and moved the team to Baltimore.  This is well documented and too agonizing to get into.  Suffice it to say the people of Cleveland revolted and took back their team name, colors, and history and were promised a new franchise.  What they got was a poorly conceived, unprepared team that is only now turning the corner (maybe).

Then there is the Cavs.  There was the supposed miracle of Richfield, where the Cavs beat the Washington Bullets with a number of last second shots and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Then there was the brief stint in the late 80's early 90's where they were a pretty good team but ran into the Michael Jordan factor.  Since then they have been terrible and most people forgot their existence.

 Which brings us back to LeBron.  Is it possible that all this bad karma we had received were to be balanced by giving him to us?  Cleveland fans every where rejoiced as if we had won the NBA championship when we won the lottery to draft him.  At every step he has exceeded the enormous hype that surrounded him.  He has put the Cavs back in the hearts and minds of the city of Cleveland.  He has brought hope to a city of despair.  But he could just as easily crush us by leaving for somewhere else.

 This past Cavs season was magical.  The achieved 50 wins (a significant milestone), won a playoff series, and almost knocked off the favorite to win it all the Detroit Pistons.  People are starting to believe again.  Maybe this time we can do it, maybe this time will be different.  Now we have the Michael Jordan factor.  Now is the time when all the stars align and Cleveland will be on top of the sports world.

LeBron has a chance to re-up his contract in July.  If he doesn't that dark cloud hanging over Cleveland won’t be overcast.  But I still believe.

 And I am still a witness.

 Edit:  Since I can't say it any better I would recommend reading this… just look for any of the commentary on LeBron.

And if you want to see how much LeBron means to Cleveland check this out, its hi-larious.